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Thanksgiving Day Dinner Outreach

Once again we will be hosting our annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner

We are hosting our 15th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for 2015 to reach out to our community in Christian Love. Meals will be served on Thanksgiving day.

Whether it's your age, health, finances, loneliness or any other circumstance, you are welcome to join our family for a FREE home cooked Thanksgiving dinner.

Take outs, Eat-Ins & Deliveries available within the Clearfield area.

Where:  Clearfield Alliance Christian School cafeteria
             56 Alliance Road, Clearfield, Pa

When:   Thursday, Nov. 26,  Noon -3:00 P.M.

RSVP:   To reserve your meal call or to offer help please call 765-9104

Why:     Because God Loves you and we care.


If you would like to help volunteers are welcome, we need waitresses, line servers, delivery people, kitchen help. Call 765-94901


Debone turkeys:    9 am 5 pm       5 max due to space, please bring sharp carving knives                                

Cook onions & celery:   10 am for stuffing                                                     

Mix stuffing:    11 am                 

Bag rolls/butter:   anytime after 10      

Cut/box/label Pies: anytime after 10

 Fill fruit cups for takeouts:   anytime after 10     

Fill gravy cups for takeouts: anytime after 10            

Fill cranberry cups: anytime after 10

Set tables/chairs up in dining hall:   after 1:00                                         

Decorate/set tables:  after 1:30

Set tables up for assembly line:  around 2:00                        

Set up serving line w/ roasters/ serving utensils etc.:   late afternoon 3 or 4

Dishwashers are always needed and appreciated! both days throughout the day to keep up with cleanup.



Kitchen help starts at 9:30 am
Waitresses and line help at 10:30 am
Delivery people at 10:15 am
Dishwasher and Clean up crews start at 9:00 am -4:00 pm