What We Do

Connect People to God

Sounds so basic, but it really is our first mission. We were made to be connected to God. But sin and pride get in the way. At CAC we are people who have battled the same battles you are. We have fought the same fights. But we have experienced the wonderful forgiving power of Jesus and His blood.


Connect People to God’s Word

Is there anything more wonderful than the reality that God has given us His word? At CAC the preaching and teaching are all based in God’s Word. It is life-changing. It is truth and the truth does set you free.


Connect People to God’s People

Regular people become God’s people by finding forgiveness through Jesus Christ. They are not perfect, they have not arrived. They are learning to walk with God one day at a time. Jump in and find out for yourself.


Connect People to God’s Mission

Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. He then entrusted  the church with that same mission. We love people and it is our desire to see all people connect with God.