Who We Are

The Promise of Hope

There is no question but that we live in a world that sometimes seems pretty hopeless, but that is why Jesus came to die on the cross. Through Jesus Christ we have hope.


The Presence of Joy

It is our goal that the Presence of God in every worship service. Our prayer is that you too will experience the real Joy that comes from God’s Holy Spirit.


A Place to Belong

That’s the way we’re made. Not to be isolated. Not to be alone. But to be together experiencing life with others. At CAC we’re building a community that’s got a place for you.


The Power to Heal

Make no mistake about it, it is God that does the healing. We pray, we anoint, we believe, God heals. And healing is so much more than just physical. God heals marriages. He heals families. He heals us body, soul, heart and mind. God is our healer